hello, i would just like to say to everyone who has sent me offers that i have gotten all of them and i’m currently deciding!! if you’re not tagged i may have not gotten your message u.u

i’m honestly so honored that you check my blogs every day when you claim you’re over me. and you model your blog theme, description, and urls page after me? i’m so blessed.

why are you talking to me? im “a bitch” remember

telling your friends about the post but not replying, huh?
that’s pretty cold of you for someone who’s excuse for friendships and everything not working is being “too nice”.
but, then again.
it’s none of my business (:

hi deary :)

heart out- static preview (1) (2) (3)/code

  • contained theme
  • 250px posts or 400px posts
  • bg image or solid colour bg
  • up to 6 links
  • sidebar img or not option
  • pagination in sidebar
  • transparent posts/sidebar option
  • little black cursor

please like or reblog if you use or simply like the theme and contact me if theres something wrong with it! thank you :-)

murkrows is up for trade! 

times have been slow and i’ve gotten some offers but i’d just like to repost this

i have some canon urls here

i’m not looking for much! at said, drop anything in my askbox, all offers are appreciated!

favicons masterpost,


for anyone wondering, the lil’ oreo icon in this


is a favicon u 3 u

instructions on how to install yr favicon are under the cut, as well as a couple of places you can make yr own!!

n.b. a lot of these are good 4 music player icons too„,

includes food, animals, xmas, hearts, stars, kawaii, rainbows, bows, and other themed pixels ~

image other masterposts here

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Live preview | Code


  • 250px, 400px, and 500px post sizes
  • Customizable colours
  • Five extra links
  • Slide-out updates/message
  • Description on hover
  • Infinite scroll or pagination
  • Lace banner above posts
  • Cute heartbeat animation on post hover
  • Image opacity (optional)
  • Hidden captions (optional)
  • Tiny cursor (optional)
  • Corner Image (optional)

Extra Info

  • Optimized for Google Chrome.
  • Description looks best when it is four lines long (on the theme).
  • Top banner placement is inspired by Hanachu's Bluetokki.
  • Reblog button is inspired by the like button on Yeoli's Theme 20.


Please like or reblog if using (or if you simply like the design ;u;)! Please read the rules for using the theme at the top of the code. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it. Do not steal, redistribute, use as a base, or remove the credit.